Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Spring

Argh! It's been a slow news week, sweet people. On top of that, today is pretty awful. I got totally soaked going to the Market for friggin' mandarins. But I mitigated that with lunch at the V-Bar. It was quite yummy. Anyhow, in my wanderings around Belltown this week, I found more evidence of spring. This time it was around the Rollerball Building, also known as the 4th & Vine Building. Here are a few photos:

Gosh, what uninspiring photos! Look, if you want the real thing, just walk by it, OK? It's much nicer than these pictures. It's not as nice as, say, the garden area by Grange Insurance at 2nd & Cedar, but it's nice enough. Sometimes squirrels run around here and that's nice to see.

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