Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unhappy Hour

Look, I like Spur. They have delicious drinks. Almost every time I've been there has been during happy hour. And what an hour it is! Or rather, was. They used to knock several bucks off of every drink on the menu. No more of that! Nowadays, they have all their happy hour specials up on a chalkboard. Everything else is full price. And it probably doesn't include what you want to order. Yeah, I was expecting happy hour prices on all drinks. Oops! I'm pretty disappointed, but hey, how often do I go to Spur? As often as I can afford it. And because of their new unhappy hour policy, I won't be able to afford to go there very often. Well, unless I win a lot at poker, which is possible. Heck, it just happened last Saturday. It only took eight hours to win. Anyhow, I'm not sure whether Spur needs or wants my business.

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