Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Blooming Happenings!

News flash! The cherry trees around the old Frederick Cadillac lot on 5th & 6th, between Battery & Bell are all in bloom. Observe:

What's so special about this, besides the unarguable fact that blossoms are pretty? Well, these blooms are also fragrant. Fragrant! They smell better than everything in Belltown - except maybe the savory perfume that wafts out of the kitchen at Mama's. Otherwise, it is the best thing you could possibly smell in Belltown. Hurry over there and take a whiff. As you know, the shelf life of blossoms is limited. Do it soon. This is what they look like up close:

Remember, it's still winter. This early bloomage is like a Christmas miracle, minus family strife and Andy Williams.


Jim said...

This species is the lovely Mt. Fuji Cherry (Prunus shirotae). The double flowers are of the purest white and the trees are broad, flat-topped and spreading. Interesting effect with the chain-link fence.

Kevin said...

Oh, I love the trees, but that is an example of the developers destroying an existing business (Teatro ZinZanni) to build a condo project. Then the economy fell apart, and now it is just a vacant lot ugh...Oh well, at least they kept the beautiful Mt. Fuji Cherry trees! And, thankfully, Teatro ZinZanni found a beautiful new space!