Monday, March 22, 2010

Sidewalk Sale!

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time (and there's not reason why you should), you'll know that last summer we had quite a few sidewalk sales out in front of the building. These all took place in July and August. Well, on Friday, I got a call from my manager, exhorting me to join the first sidewalk sale of the year. It was going to be, he explained, a beautiful day and people had gone long enough without buying other people's old stuff. How could I say no? If you'll also remember, I had an incredibly vast amount of stuff to sell: 78s, LPs, CDs, books, t-shirts and bad art. It was all very tough to get up/down the stairs. Well, for this sale, I only wanted to sell CDs, records and books. These would be the most portable items that I had. Just for good measure, I brought down a single piece of bad art. If people dug that, I could show them more. Here's what it all looked like:

My goal was modest; I wanted to make $5. We were going to have a barbecue later on and that would cover the cost of some bratwursts from Dan & Rey's. Well, it took some hours, but I ended up making around $40. How about that? In addition to making some cash and getting rid of some stuff, the sidewalk sale is also a good chance to get to know my neighbors AND to hang out of the sidewalk. These two little noisemakers live just upstairs:

They're great kids even though they're a bit on the loud side sometimes. It's fun to hang out with them. Oh, remember that I brought down a piece of bad art for the sale? Yeah, I sold that - five whole bucks, cash money. The kids decided that they liked it. It's this piece:

I call it The Castle of Erotic Misunderstandings, but don't tell the kids that. For them, it's The Red Castle. It currently lives directly upstairs.

We eventually had our cookout. I made enough money to buy beer to go along with the bratwursts. Everything was delicious. I was starving from moving all those milk crates of 78s up from the basement. You know something? I didn't sell a single one. Otherwise, it was a wonderful day. And we'll have plenty more sidewalk sales throughout the spring and summer. If there's even a vague semblance of organization, I'll announce them in advance.

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