Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Who is this Jaime Cullum person and what does he want from us? Well, he's this British jazz guy who is building a pop appeal. Now, after having lived in England for a whole year, when I hear the word "British" and "jazz" in the same sentence, I usually flee in terror. British jazz really isn't tremendously good. But I'll give Cullum credit for his attempt to cross over. He's a good musician and a nice enough guy. And who can blame him for wanting to ditch jazz? It's a dry socket, sweet people. I love it more than most and that's what I think about. Hey, even I'm trying to make the transition. I just wrote a song about dancing with robots. Is it jazz? Hell no! Anyhow, it seems like this would be a pleasant concert. If I knew his music a little better, I might consider going, but alas...

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