Friday, March 12, 2010

Igor Hits the Road

You know, folks, it's been a really slow news week here in this rotten neighborhood. Nothing's happening. There aren't any squirrels running around in Denny Park. And the weather is lousy. All of these combine to make me not want to post anything. But there's a simple solution: road trip! In this case, that means going to Uwajimaya. All I have to do is walk outside and head south. It's mostly downhill and it isn't far at all. If you're on 2nd (and you should be), you'll pass interesting sights like this:

Just a boarded-up building being renovated, right? Let's take a closer look.

I have no idea which Mariner this is supposed to be. I'll go with Griffey, even though it looks nothing like him. If anything, it looks more like Harold Reynolds. Remember him?

This is pretty nice. It's a bird.

Whenever I go to Uwajimaya, I keep a lookout for gross stuff. It's an Asian supermarket, so there's always plenty of that. Here's what I found this visit:

That's fried gluten with peanuts, sweet people. Uh, yum? I dunno maybe it's delicious. It just sounds gross. And it's also for vegetarians. Why "also?"

I assembled the necessary components for peanut chicken and walked around for a bit. These snacky things were on special:

Hey, if everybody says GOOD GOOD EAT, then I'm sold! These were actually quite yummy. They tasted like no known barbecue style I've ever had - they had more of a seasoning salt-like flavor - but they were still good. Just ignore the despondent-looking schoolgirl with the disproportionately large head who is on the package. She's probably sad about something else.

I also visited the tiny Daiso store across the street from Uwajimaya, but I took no pictures. And that was my road trip to the ID.

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Jim said...

Fried gluten with peanuts? That must be designed to kill Americans who are allergic to one or both of those substances.