Monday, March 8, 2010

After Hours

Yevgeniy Anegin. Luna

Here's a catchy tune and a strange video. This guy, Yevgeniy, just sits around his orbiting space station and makes dancers better. What I don't understand is that she auditions and gets kicked off the stage. The tryout is over, right? But Yegeniy turns things around. This lady is such a great dancer that she becomes a beam of light and shoots directly up to Yevgeniy's space station where they party like crazy elephants. Something doesn't quite add up here. You know, I think that Yevgeniy's time and effort should be spent doing something else besides this. I mean, if he has the power to improve somebody's dance audition, he can probably do much more important work than that. For instance, he could probably get the Israelis and the Palestinians to dance together. That would probably get them to stop fighting for a while. But no, he's got other things to do with his powers.

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