Friday, March 26, 2010

Security House Scaffold-Watch: Week 23

Look, a new angle! It really shows off the attractive plastic that enshrouds the building and prevents those miserable old souls who live on that side from seeing their environs. Can you imagine being a shut-in and having your view obscured thusly? You wouldn't even know what season it was. Well, you could use a calendar, but I'm pretty sure that shut-ins don't buy those. Anyhow, you see that there is nothing new here (except the angle of the photo). There were no signs of life or activity when I passed by. That doesn't mean much. The workers could have been praying or napping or catching butterflies during my brief stop and then gone back to cutting lots of metal. I've said this before, but I expected this operation to be over long ago. So guys, what's the hold-up?

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