Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Better!

Well, the V-Bar's window has been healed. See? I talked to a few of my neighbors and read the item on the police blotter and I'm able to piece a few things together. OK, there was this drunk guy whom they refused to serve. He took exception to that and eventually broke their window. One employee actually went and got a gun from behind the bar and took a shot at him. I didn't see it, but she apparently (and allegedly) shot at him, not up in the air. It was just one shot from a 9mm, even though my upstairs neighbor swears it was two. And then she had somebody hide the gun for her. The cops not only found that gun, but they fished out another one as well. They ended up arresting drunk guy and Annie Oakley. OK, that's basically what went on, but it still doesn't explain the battle on the sidewalk. Who were all those people? I'm pretty sure one of them was drunk guy, but who was everybody else? I'll give the cops a call later today and find out what charges are being brought against the two they arrested. Well, that's all for now.

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