Friday, March 5, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Once again, here's a guy I've never heard of. I guess when someone describes himself as a "guitar hero" I kind of erase him from my mind. I have no idea whether this guy is the real deal or not. He certainly works hard by playing about 200 shows a year, and he has released 10 albums in the last 10 years. So why haven't I heard of him? Well, that's probably because I live under a rock in the middle of mangy field overgrown with weeds. Wait, no. It's probably because I don't listen to post-butt rock, which is what a lot of this neo-blues sounds like. It's got the cred of blues but the volume of rock. Yeah, I don't listen to it. In my experience, it seems like the first track is always super-flashy and impressive, then everything else is the same as that. It's very tiring. By the fourth track, you're praying for death. That's why I don't listen to it. Plus, during a recent concert, he got Eric Clapton to join him. Is that supposed to be a good thing?

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