Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Security House Scaffold-Watch: Week 21

There's the SH again with the lovely blooming pear trees in the foreground. Soon they'll have boring old leaves and I'll change shots again. I know I say this week after week, but golly, I thought these guys would be done by now. There's no a lot of surface area involved. Sure, there might be something seriously wrong with the exterior, but I doubt it. I mean, the building's 30-some years old, right? Any profound design flaw would have presented itself long ago. No, I think these guys are just working slowly. They make a fair amount of noise, but that just so the world will know there are people beneath that attractive plastic sheet. Speaking of that, if I was a person who spent the last 21 weeks looking out my window and seeing an attractive plastic sheet, I'd be agitating for completion. Even the McGuire hasn't cut its tenants off from the outside world. You just have to look through a bunch of crap to get at said outside world. Those poor Security House old people don't have that luxury.

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