Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Ah, it's another "just-kill-me-now" event at the Moore. You know, in retrospect, one of the best things about being young is that nobody listens. And a good thing, too, because everybody says all kinds of stupid crap. If people listened, there's a good chance that they would actually remember the stupid crap you said. Fortunately, nobody does. For example, I think Brett East Ellis is feeling just a little embarrassed about Less Than Zero at this point. That crap is forever - at least until it goes out of print. So tonight, the Moore will be the forum for a "slam-like" event featuring young people. Who knows, they might all be phenomenally talented. My money's against that. It's probably more realistic to expect a lot of youth-angst in blank-verse form. Someday, a few of these performers may be good, but it'll probably take a whole lot of honing of the craft before that happens.

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