Monday, March 22, 2010

After Hours

Vera Brezhneva. Lyubov v bolshom gorodye (Love in the big city)

This is the first time I've featured Vera. Hey, that's my mom's name! But she is definitely not my mom. Anyhow, this is pretty non-trashy - and for that I apologize - but she seems to live in an apartment that hovers over the city. I thought that was slightly absurd. I know that lots of Russians have a New York fixation, but why can't any of these videos be set in Moscow. That town kicks ass. It's big, gloomy and wonderful. I've been to New York twice and I thought it was pretty OK. Yeah, there were lots of things to do, but I had way more fun in Moscow. But that was years ago when the mafia owned half the city and the Communists owned the other half. Maybe things are much more boring there, what with authoritarian government restored and whatnot. OK, so floating apartment, a nice little love story and an enjoyable tune. That's all this clip has to offer. That should be enough, right?

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