Saturday, March 13, 2010

After Hours: Ska-turday Edition!

The Specials. Monkey Man

Yeah, I'm running out of material fast. I've still got a few weeks left till I'm posting stuff by the friggin' Selector. Pardon the fact that this clip starts about 15 seconds into the tune. It's still pretty good. They're not as hyper-kinetic as they are when they play in front of a live crowd. They're also less sloppy. I remember seeing them on SNL decades ago. They looked great, but their performance made no sense. It was just a bunch of guys I couldn't understand dancing around with Tommy guns. The stage was small and there were a lot of them. It was chaos. Oh hey, I found it! God bless the YouTube! Have a look. They're playing "Gangsters:"

The host for that show appears to be Strother Martin. So yeah, even 30 years later they look pretty weird. These days, they just look old.

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