Thursday, April 1, 2010

Remember Those Fireworks?

Y'know, the ones from this weekend? They looked like this:

Only much better than what a cell phone can deliver. They were shot off to commemorate the 100th birthday of General Construction. Hey, happy birthday, guys. You don't look a day over 93. OK, so if you do remember the occasion, keep it in your head, because there ain't gonna be any fireworks displays in Seattle at all. Lake Union just packed it in because they couldn't find a benevolent corporation to plaster its name all over everything. Ivar's bagged last year, as you'll recall, because, well, I guess it was delayed grief for Ivar's passing some two decades ago or whatnot. What isn't canceled is the usual Belltown plague of M-80s tossed around the neighborhood by those wandering troublemakers who don't live here. They usually get lit off right under my window. I have never been able to imagine how that sort of thing relates to American independence. Anyhow, there will be no joy in Seattle this Fourth. Also, no fireworks. Boo.

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