Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Back, Metal Monsters!

Remember all the hatred from last summer when metal monsters roamed our streets like invincible demi-gods? Remember that? First it started on 3rd Ave. with the destruction (and subsequent replacement) of their sidewalks. And then they focused on heroic 2nd Avenue. It took them a very long time to repave our beloved thoroughfare - something they accomplished in the dead of night. And all the while, there was all kinds of voodoo being done to Bell Street in preparation for the boulevard project. (Speaking of that, why haven't they begun work on that yet? I mean, it's supposed to be done by summer, right?) Yes, those were challenging times. Metal monsters were everywhere. There were even a few parked out in front of the Rivoli for several weeks. Almost all of them migrated south to their fall and winter feeding grounds, but they're back. Observe:

Here is a pod of them on Virginia street. I have no idea what they're up to. They must have something to do with what's going on near 3rd & Virginia. Whatever's happening there is sure taking a long time. You'd think they'd be of more use making Bell Street Park, but I guess not. It is not my place to question the wisdom of the city.

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