Monday, April 19, 2010

Limited Blogging This Week!

As far as I can tell, flights to Europe will resume sometime very soon, so I'm still making preparations for departure. For example, today I buy socks, cold medicine and dental floss. As a result, I'll be posting a bit less. But don't worry, this blog will still be crappy. It'll just be crappy in smaller portions. In the meantime, I suggest to Icelandic officials that they might want to look into human sacrifice as a way to appease the volcano god. Heck, those people believe in invisible elves, so why not just toss somebody into that crater? That somebody doesn't even have to be a virgin. Lord knows, one of those would be tough enough to find in Iceland. I'm just saying they should consider it. I'm currently quite looking forward to going simply because there's a possibility of it not happening. If there wasn't any of this volcano business, I would be dreading the approach of Friday, what with the looooong flight, my uncertain Russian/Ukrainian and my lack of planning for Turkey. But this volcano threat dispels my apprehensions a great deal. I actually really want to go now.

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Anonymous said...

How about plugging the volcano with a few floors from the McGuire?