Monday, April 5, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

I was a little surprised that Knopfler is playing at the Moore. I thought he was more of a Paramount guy, but then I remembered that it's been way more than 20 years since either Knopfler or Dire Straits has had anything resembling a hit. And it still pains me that their biggest tune was "Money for Nothing." God, I hate that song. Here you have Knopfler, a well-known guitar wizard, and his band, all accomplished musicians, singing a moronically simple ditty about being rock stars, which they weren't until they sang that tune. I also don't like "Walk of Life." You know, Dire Straits started off crafting intelligent, somber gems and then exploded onto the larger scene with idiocy. Knopfler has always been an inspiration for those of us whose vocal ranges are somewhat limited. I don't think he has a bad voice; it's just that there aren't many notes that he can sing well. And he's done really well with what he has. So let's wish him well in all his pursuits, but honestly, I never want to hear "Money for Nothing" ever again.

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