Thursday, April 1, 2010

After Hours

Karen Chéryl. Les nouveaux romantiques

Here's a popstress from the seventies and eighties trying to stay current with a tune about the new romantics. Except for having two guys dressed like amateur pirates, there's nothing new romantic about this. There were several groups that embodied the style, but I think Adam and the Ants were probably the best example. Their music was drum-heavy and they liked to wear war paint. Yeah, this tune is just some lightweight commentary on that brief and dubious trend. There is one thing that's quite noteworthy: check out Karen's mullet. It's an actual, full-on femullet. She's like five years ahead of the times. That style wasn't prevalent until the late eighties, but here she is sporting in in 1982. It's quite breathtaking and it totally eclipses the fairly lame song.

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