Monday, April 12, 2010

Full Circle

Two years ago, the block-long lot on 2nd between Stewart & Pine was a parking lot, plain and simple. It had been that for years, if not decades. Then developers moved in with grand plans of a hotel-condo-retail complex that was to be called the One. Kind of Matrix, innit? They came in fall/winter of 2008-09 with their metal monsters, dug a big hole and promptly ran out of money. For months, the site looked like this:

It was just a big hole in the ground with a fence around it. That's how it remained until around last November when the heavy equipment showed up again and work began to fill it in. Things seemed to progress in fits. Sometimes there was a long line of dump trucks waiting to drop off tons of dirt; other times the equipment sat unused for days or weeks. Well, apparently things have come full circle. It is once again a parking lot, plain and simple. The fence still stands around it, but that is bound to come down soon. Here are some very Zen-like photos:

A filled-in hole... There's nothing like it!

OK, so it is a tiny bit beyond Belltown's borders, but its saga has been intriguing. But now it's at an end. May it now enjoy its once and future life as a (comparatively) bucolic and pastoral parking lot.

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