Friday, April 2, 2010

Security House Scaffold-Watch: Week 24

This is from a few days ago when it was springtime. Now it's winter again. Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting here writing music and suddenly noticed that I was shivering. That's usually a November/December thing. But no, April brings its own misfortunes. I'm told that it's the cruelest month. Well, I'm a believer. Today is supposed to be windy. I don't see it yet. But a windstorm in Belltown is always an exciting thing. It's nice to know that no matter how high the winds are, there is no way in hell you're gonna lose power. My folks up in Snohomish are a different story. Even in light winds, they lose electricity. But they have a generator handy that runs on propane. My dad says that he sometimes doesn't even notice when the generator kicks on. Of course, if the cable goes out, then it's a crisis. Anyhow, the Security House seems to be in the same state as last week with nothing going on and little else to talk about. Perhaps the winds will shred the attractive plastic shroud. I'm sure SH residents wouldn't mind that one bit.

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