Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is This the New Eye Guy?

As you know, I have my favorite creators of bad graffiti in the neighborhood. First, it was the one known as Scary Skull Guy, who mysteriously disappeared around the end of the summer. And then my attention turned to Eye Guy. His stuff was more interesting and ubiquitous, but he also has stopped. I know that there are others, but almost all of them are dumbass taggers. There's a new guy around. Let's call him "Eat Worms." Here's what his stuff looks like:

There's not a whole lot to his work, but at least it's not just some dumbass tag. Of course, I would never go out and eat worms. That's just gross. But I dunno, somebody else might. So keep a lookout for Eat Worms. He may yet be worthy of additional note.

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