Monday, April 12, 2010

After Hours

Zhanna Friske. A na morye bely pesok (White sand on the sea)

Hey, she's at it again - singing about a beach and running around on the beach. It all makes sense! For somebody pushing 60, she looks pretty good. Just kidding! She's actually in her mid-forties. She's part German, so I'm guessing those durable Teutonic genes are keeping her afloat long after many of her Slavic sistren turn into battle axes. Anyhow, this tune isn't the greatest, but I like how in the chorus, the songwriter (almost definitely not Zhanna) rhymes "sand" with "face." Speaking of sand, that's my best guess for the title. I hope it's right. There aren't any verbs, so it's difficult to know what's going on. The literal translation is "but on the sea white sand." Yeah, pure poetry. The important thing is Zhanna'S back in action. Enjoy!

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