Thursday, April 8, 2010

After Hours

Les Bel Air. Cupidon

Wow. These guys look like maitre d's at the world's worst restaurant. And was this singer the best one they could find? Golly, he's terrible! This tune was a minor hit in English under the title "Little Arrows." A British guy named Leapy Lee did the vocal stylings. He was way better than this Jack Black reject. I'm not sure which version came first. Does it matter? Sorry about the time code on the screen. At least it gives you something to watch after the band starts to bore you, which is early. I mean, you've got two guys who do nothing but clap. Is that any way to make a living? Hopefully, they've all changed careers by now, because even if you put this song on auto tune, the singing would still suck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could blast this 'music' onto 1st Avenue on weekends to serenade the noisy revelers. Anything other than their yelling and screaming!