Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lveaving Lviv

First things first. See this place?

I would totally bank here. Here are some other gripping photos:

Yeah, any bank or place of business that uses a squirrel as a mascot is OK by me. Maybe they're trying to attract business from squirrels. Conversly, I would not buy shoes here:

Somehow, "welfare" does not inspire confidence.

Well, today is my last day in Lviv. My American cousins arrived yesterday and just when they showed up, I fell rather unhilariously ill. It was quite a long night. I'm somewhat better today, but I feel ready to erupt again - at seemingly any time. Here's what I think the problem is: in the U.S., I can eat all manner of dairy, all the livelong day. In Europe and elsewhere, that's just not possible. It's a shame because they have many delicious dairy products in this part of the world. Oh well, I'll eat nothing but cheese for a week after I return. Speaking of cheese, I understand that I'll be missing CheeseFest '10 at the Market this year. Well, drat. There's always next year.

Later this morning, we'll be meeting up with my cousin Arsen and he will whisk us away to the home village via the extremely ugly city of Ternopil. This might be my last post from Ukraine. Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures of the village and its various amenities and share them at some later date. Until then, here is one last souvenir from Lviv:

This is Galician King Danilo, who founded this town in honor of his son, Lev. Anyhow, even with the Nazis, this town is exceptionally cool. Plus, they have a bank for squirrels.


Anonymous said...

Now if they could 'house' those Nazi demonstrators in one of the squirrel bank vaults ...

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