Thursday, April 22, 2010


Doesn't this poor building look dejected? Well, if a bunch of puny humans were gonna tear me down, I'd be pretty upset. But since those same puny humans didn't build me legs so that I could run away, I guess I'd be resigned to my fate. Hence the look of dejection. By the time I get back from my "vacation," the McGuire will be emptier and even more forlorn-looking. Heck, they may even take down that stupid scaffold during my absence. Come to think of it, though, that may be the only thing holding the building up. I mean, they said it would eventually experience structural failure. What if instead of "eventually," they really meant "immediately?" Yeah, I'd want to have as much support as possible, even if the scaffold provides no real stability. Well, either way, I bid the McGuire a fond farewell. I hope it's still standing when I get back, because I'm eager to document its incremental demise. DEATHWATCH will continue in June.

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Kevin said...

It used to be such a beautiful building :-(