Friday, April 16, 2010

After Hours

Ben Webster & a Bunch of Jazz Guys. Flying Home

OK, aside from Ben Webster, these are the guys playing on this track who I can identify: Billy Taylor on piano, Benny Morton on trombone, Buck Clayton on trumpet and Mundell Lowe on guitar. The bass player might be Bill Crow and I couldn't tell you about the drummer. In addition, the guys sitting in the sax section who aren't playing are Tony Scott (not Ridley Scott's brother) and Paul Quinichette. It's a pretty good performance from the early sixties. This was back when television was trying to delve into the roots of jazz, as it had been grudgingly accepted as American popular music just a few years before by the majority of this nation. In order for this to happen, there had to be some shout-out to black people. That's why it took so long. Anyhow, this is a fine performance by a bunch of guys who didn't play together regularly.

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