Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trivia Triumph!

Last night, the Christ Punchers returned to the Kangaroo & Kiwi to prove to all that our victory there several weeks ago was no fluke. Long story very short: it wasn't. We won. Victory once again felt like defeat until they announced the final scores. We had a very competent team with two guest stars from Kathleen Turner Overdrive (soon to be Kentucky Fried Panda). This achievement stands in contrast to Dr. Al's and my efforts on Tuesday at Buckley's. Granted, there were only two of us and I'd forgotten how to play the game (specifically, you can double the score of a category you do well in by circling a joker on the answer sheet), but we finished seventh. Yeah, the best thing about us was our name: But last night was a different story. We were, as you know, the Christ Punchers and we've just about figured out the quizmaster. When he asks a certain question (generally about science), he's not really interested in the right answer, but instead, he wants the answer that most believe to be true, even though it isn't. There were several like that last night. We caught on late to that, though it didn't matter, because we won anyway. I guess there were 10 or 11 other teams all told. So that's it for me at the K&K till at least June. I'm sure they'll be fine with that. There's nothing worse for open competition than a team that wins all the time. People stop showing up if they know they don't have a chance, no matter how drunk/funny the quizmaster is. For league play, however, constant winning breaks the will of your opponents. That begins again next week - in fact, it's the night before I take off.

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