Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Graffiti of the Week

This week's work is a companion piece to a previous entry - the weird mutant on the side of Federal Surplus. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you weird mutant 2:

You can find this on a dumpster (how utterly rebellious!) on Battery between 1st & 2nd, right in back of the wonderful Hull Building. (This in no way effects how I feel about the Hull.) What we get with this portrait is a sense of isolation, like the face itself is saying, "I'm on this dumpster, but I can't make it understand my sense of postmodern angst." Perhaps the best way to approach its meaning is through contexts: it's on a dumpster, yet it can't be thrown away. Why? Or more appropriately, why not? Yes, all of this bullshit analysis would be relevant if we weren't talking about bad graffiti.

Oh, and speaking of the companion piece, it is no more. Somebody at Federal Surplus apparently got religion and decided to eradicate it. Gosh, it was there for several years! This is all that's left:

Yep, that sure looks more like a wall to me. Well, at least I had a chance to feature it while it still existed. Godspeed, weird mutant 1!

1 comment:

Jim said...

The figure is clearly angst-ridden and aware of its coming removal. I don't recall a Hull Building post yet, but it is not ugly.