Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Just when I was pretty sure I wouldn't be taking a picture of the Moore marquee till mid-next month, they surprise me:

I dunno, "slam" doesn't sound right after "story." I'd feel more comfortable with "time." Story time. Isn't that nice? It's followed by cookie time and then nap time. That's the life I want.

OK, I understand the whole poetry slam aesthetic; it's mostly just bad poetry read in a forceful manner. Does that also hold true for story slams? Or do you have to shout and wave your arms around whenever one of your characters says anything?

"Dale came into the kitchen while Mom was making dinner.
'WHAT'S FOR DINNER, MOM????' (flail arms above head)
'MEATLOAF AND SALAD!!!" (drop to your knees, face Mecca, begin praying)
'WOW, MY FAVORITE!!" (pull some random person out of the audience and start beating them up)"

That's how I envision it. I'm sure that in reality, it's much worse than that. But like everything, once you spend enough time around it and get used to it, it seems like a real thing - like hip-hop or the plays of Tom Stoppard.

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