Sunday, May 31, 2009

For No Reason at All: Dino, Dino, Dino!

What the hell?? When I crossed 3rd & Bell, I saw this:

OK, look, Dino Rossi lost the election way back in November. This time, it was decisive. True, he really made it exciting back in 2004, but he ended up losing then, too. And besides, who wants to be governor of Washington anyway? This place is in a pretty dire mess. What's the state deficit? Eight billion? Nine billion? More?? Chris Gregoire isn't exactly Ms. Warmth-and-Caring and she's no Booth Gardner (that's for sure!), but I'm sure Dino would be about 20 times worse. After all, his biggest contributions over the last two election cycles came from pavement companies. Paving and tax cuts were his solution for everything. Still, about the only thing cool about potentially having Dino as governor would be that Washingtonians could declare to our fellow Americans that we've got a governor named Dino. It would make us sound a lot tougher than we really are. "Yeah, dis is Dino's toif. Yous gotta problem wid dat?" I pray that never happens.

Anyhow, I checked to see what was keeping that sign on the van. On closer inspection, it seems that it was actually bolted on. Wow, that's what you call commitment to the gag.

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Jim said...

Dino, you were a paper tiger!