Thursday, May 21, 2009

For No Reason at All: the Blanchard Jungle

On Blanchard, between 1st & 2nd, they planted four trees quite close together. I guess the city engineering geniuses figured that any trees facing north would be short and funny-looking enough to provide comic relief to all motorists waiting for the light. Well, nature had other intentions. Her trees grew tall and voluminous. Their limbs intertwined. Together, they offered the best quality shade in all of Belltown. I walked along there today and damn nearly needed a flashlight so as not to break my friggin' neck. Such was the quality of the shade.

When I took this picture, it was actually much darker than how it looks here. But my camera is all about grabbing light. It tends to make a gray, drizzly day 25% less gloomy. But it does nothing to highlight this outstanding shade. Anyhow, I think these four trees on Blanchard should not be messed with by anyone under any circumstances.

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Jim said...

That is curious how close together these trees are. It is one thing for a person to do this in their backyard, but city planners should know the outcome of such an action.