Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nature's Bounty of Belltown Road Projects

Very few new things, but I do have the pictures to prove it. Once again, all of the destruction is centered around 4th Avenue and Bell Street, but funny thing, nothing's going on at 4th & Bell:

This is from 4th & Virginia. As you can see, the Escala is getting a new mega-quantity of Costco brand drywall.

Here's 4th & Lenora. Earlier in the week, this intersection looked like a war zone. The street was all chopped up, traffic was down to one lane and it was raining like crazy. It was like Sarajevo, man! Now it's all patched up. How about that?

4th & Blanchard continues to serve as supply depot and porta-potty location, but there's a difference:

This is the other side of 4th. As you can see, they're obliterating the sidewalk, just like on 3rd. But unlike that situation, these trees are staying. They're wonderful and stately old maples, so why not?

There's not much else to show other than a lot of stuff on Bell. Like this:

Yep, lots of equipment and metal plates, culminating in the largest of holes at 2nd & Bell:

Although it looks like city engineering hasn't done anything with it since they dug it, that's not true. This last week, they uncovered it and looked at it. Oh, and at some point they might have discussed their feelings about it. I guess that's progress.

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