Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nature's Bounty of Belltown Road Projects

Once again, this week it's all about 4th Avenue and it's also about Bell St. Little has changed:

Here's the Escala at 4th & Virginia, singlehandedly keeping the drywall industry afloat for another week. So yes, those two right lanes of 4th will be blocked until they finish up this future-eyesore.

Everything's clear for an entire block, then you run into 4th & Blanchard:

They're just paving the sidewalks, which is very nice of them. That former sidewalk sucked a lot. After Battery, everything's clear until you get to 4th & Vine, although it looks like it's been abandoned. Maybe it's haunted.

It's quiet. Too quiet...

They may be winding down on 4th, but Bell is really hopping. Starting at 5th Ave., they're digging a lot of holes clear down to 2nd. Observe:

Two sides of 4th & Bell:

Here's some goings-on at 3rd & Bell:

And then we get to 2nd & Bell where all the poking, prodding and sharing of feelings has ceased for the moment:

Oh, but there is something new! Some city guys think it's really important to punch a hole at the corner of 2nd & Lenora:

We wish them luck!

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So much orange.