Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rant Avoided!

Here I was going to go off about how badly they'd put 4th Avenue back together. I was gonna use this photo as justification for everything. Observe:

That's 4th, between Virginia & Lenora. They've been doing some very intense work along this street for two months now and I just wanted to highlight the fact that they couldn't even manage to make the new roadway at the same level as the rest of the road. But that's not really an issue any more. Sometime shortly after I took this picture, they came in and stripped off all the old blacktop. So they're repaving. Any weirdness/dumbness like in the above photo was just temporary and no reason to get bent out of shape (like I did a few days ago).

Apparently, your beloved 2nd Avenue is getting a similar repaving treatment later in the summer. It shouldn't be as maddening and chaotic as it usually is.

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