Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, the Humanity...Sort of

It was just today that I noticed that the Suite 100 Gallery here in the 2nd & Blanchard home zone was closed, but that's just half the story. First, observe:

In the past, this storefront has been many things: a bookstore, the original Vain salon, a weird retro climbing shop and a boutique that sold incredibly expensive children's clothes, among other things. And now they're closed. But wait! They've actually moved down the street into Blvd. Gallery space next to Roq La Rue at 2nd & Bell - just one block away. I also didn't notice that either. Walk by every single day, didn't notice. These days, it's called Halogen. Like BoingBoing darling Roq La Rue, I don't dig their art. But I do hope they sell tons of it.

As for the old space at 2222 2nd, it appears that it is poised to become a bar. That's just what Belltown needs: more booze. I'm serious.

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