Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheese Fest Is Go!!

OK, so it's happening at the Market, which isn't Belltown, but rather Belltown's more interesting and surlier neighbor. But that's neither here nor there. The important thing is that Cheese Fest is once again upon us. This is my Woodstock! Here are some pictures.

Masses of humanity...

More masses of humanity...

Still more masses of humanity, but this time they're mobbing Cheeseland Inc.'s booth. It serves them right; they make some spectacular goat Gouda.

Yeah, I ended up buying six different kinds of cheese and eating about a pound in samples. Even the small operations have finally figured out that the way to get people hooked is to sell their wares on the spot for cheap, instead of telling them to run up the street to DiLaurenti where they'll end up spending a lot.

I urge everyone to go to Cheese Fest '09. If you're not in Seattle, get here by tomorrow. You won't be disappointed. Just a word to the wise: stay away from the Cougar Gold. It's made at Washington State University in Pullman and it's the only cheese I know that comes in a can. Oh, and it's terrible. Weird texture, metallic taste, horrible aftertaste. Just awful.

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