Friday, May 15, 2009

The Croc's Nice Things

You know, here in the 2nd & Blanchard vortex, it's tough to have nice things out in the midst of the public. Any given nice object will get tagged or broken or stolen or peed on in no time. That's why I was really surprised to see these highly decorative things on the Crocodile's club entrance between 2nd & 3rd:

What do you call them? There must be a name for them! They're door-pullers or something? I think they're pretty classy - and yes, that's class with a "C." There are buildings in this neighborhood that don't even expose their front doors to the public (cough, cough, The Castle, cough, cough), but putting such impressive hardware on display with no gates or private security protecting them is a small but important act of optimism. The Croc is betting that this neighborhood's larcenous scumbags will just walk on by and not bother the brass crocodiles. They're trusting unregulated humanity to do the right thing, although I do believe that those crocodiles are bolted in with titanium fittings. Maybe if these things survive, other places around Belltown can also show nice stuff to the public without it getting destroyed or stolen. It's a tall request, but not a totally crazy idea. For the moment, though, I give those door handles two months, tops.

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