Friday, April 17, 2009

The Ugliest Building in Belltown

Yes, sweet people, there are many ugly buildings in Belltown. I just thought it would be best to start at the top.

Every time I walk or drive past this brick-plated eyesore, I just have to stop and gape at its sheer lack of aesthetics. There is, in short, absolutely nothing appealing about this building - well aside from the fact that it's a 20-second walk to the fabulous 5 Point Cafe. This monstrosity doesn't even seem to belong in this country, but it would fit quite nicely into bleaker parts of Europe from downtown Croydon to suburban Bucharest. I actually pity the people who live here.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ugliest building in Belltown!

Here's the front:

Doesn't it make a cloudy day seem downright gloomy?

Here's the back:

Yeah, I know, it looks just like the front. It's like somebody put a 19th-century Victorian factory on its side and just left it there.

There really are windows back there. They just direct you to look out where there's nothing to see.

There's just one more picture to add. It's a shot of the clunky elevator assembly looming over the far-more-pleasing Stonecliff Apartments:

You know, it's just a short step from functional to butt-ugly. The Bayview Tower takes it even beyond that. Frankly, I'm mesmerized with its hideousness. Congratulations, Bayview Tower, you win the gold medal for ugly!

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Jim said...

In spite of the overall public restroom-like quality of this structure, there is something intriguing about its shape and lack of humanity that makes it worth looking at. But it is still ugly.