Friday, April 10, 2009

Sizzecond and Blizzanchard!!

The Rivoli

Home sweet home!
Behold, the Rivoli! It's where I do my livin', whether I'm jus' cold chillin', cold sleepin', or cold cookin' dinner. In the 2nd & Blanchard environs, the Castle is grander, the Humphrey is newer, but the Rivoli has the most soul.

It's 99 years old and it sure shows. I moved in right after they finished rehabbing the place, because almost half the units were uninhabitable. That was 1990. Rent on my first studio was $255. Today I live in a small one-bedroom that is probably the draftiest apartment in the whole building. My rent is much higher. Sure I've thought about moving somewhere else many times, but I stay at the Rivoli. These days, I can't really afford to live anywhere else, so it's kind of a moot point.

And yes, the Rivoli is totally on the "haunted Belltown" tour. You know something? Some of their tales about this place are actually true.

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