Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dead Projects: Insignia

This project was ambitious; two towers to occupy the entire block between 5th & 6th, and Bell & Battery. It used to be the Frederick Cadillac dealership (back when Cadillac was synonymous with class), then it belonged to Teatro Zinzanni. They're a Euro-cabaret dinner theater. Even though they were just four blocks away, I saw them a grand total of zero times. They've moved all the way to Mercer Street and I still have no plans to go and see them. Anyhow, they got evicted to make way for this Insignia-thing, whose onsite promo boards slated it to look like this:


With estimated views such as this:

And if you lived there, at least one woman would laugh at your jokes. There would also be alcohol:

Unfortunately, reality has caught up with their marketing. This project is dead for the usual reason: no money. Otherwise, they would have started construction. For the last two years, this lot has only managed to accumulate stuff that seems entirely unrelated to constructing twin condo towers. In fact, the whole block is just a yard fulla crap. Observe:

From 5th...

A little further down 5th...

From Battery. You get the idea. The place is a mess. But there is one redeeming feature of the lot. See, about 20 years ago the Frederick Cadillac guys had the good sense to plant some Mt. Fuji cherry trees along three sides of the lot (Bell, Battery and 6th). Every spring they look just spectacular. Check it out:

Yes, lovely indeed. So honestly, why do we need this Insignia place when we have these really nice cherry trees instead. I think it's a pretty even trade.

Insignia: R.I.P.

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Rust, baby, rust!