Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Sidewalk Talks Again!

This time, it's not commanding you to do anything; it's just saying something that doesn't make any sense. This bit of public art is old. I mean, it predates me. It goes back at least to the eighties and possibly the seventies. What's remarkable about it is that it has occupied the same spot at 1st & Virginia for the entire time. That patch of sidewalk used to run in front of a parking lot. Now it hosts this:

Yeah, it's a reflecto-riffic piece of the urban skyscape, indeed. But all through the construction process, great care was taken to preserve the nebulous phrase so that future generations could be puzzled by it. That's pretty admirable, because they usually come in, destroy everything and leave behind an ugly building. This time, they just left behind an ugly building. Well done (for once), construction guys.

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