Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nature's Bounty of Belltown Road Projects

Gosh, things have not changed at all. Well, they have cut large holes in 4th Avenue at Lenora and Battery, but besides that, everything's the same as last week. Observe:

4th & Virginia...

4th & Lenora; everybody wave to the lovely Cinerama!

Here's 4th & Blanchard. The stretch between Blanchard and Bell is being used as their supply depot, so if anybody needs to steal a piece of road equipment, that's the place to go.

This was a big hole at 4th & Battery, but now it's just a big patched-up section of roadway.

And that's it for 4th Avenue. The sidewalk work continues on 3rd Avenue, but I'll bet real money that all the effort won't make 3rd any less ghetto. Oh, and speaking of big holes, there has been seemingly no progress on the big hole at 2nd & Bell. Observe:

I hear those guys working down the block (they're pretty super-loud), but they don't seem to be either expanding or contracting the hole. Perhaps they're working on the quality of the hole. That would be my guess.

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