Friday, April 24, 2009

Dive Bars on KUOW

Yesterday, Mike Seely from The Weekly was on KUOW talking about dive bars. He's written a book on the subject. As previously mentioned, he names Kelly's at 3rd & Bell as Seattle's most frightening bar. It's not one of my haunts and I haven't been in it for years, but his assessment seems pretty accurate. It truly is a genuine dive - unlike, say, the Lava Lounge or the Whisky Bar (yeah, that's how they spell it). You can listen to the whole interview here. And even though there's only a passing mention of Kelly's, it's still pretty amusing. Seely's original article is here.

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Jim said...

I used to work in the neighborhood back in the day and was always surprised by how early the drinkers would arrive at Kelly's. They looked liked they'd been showing up there regularly for quite sometime.