Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They're Selling Crack in Belltown?

What will we tell the children?? Seriously folks, this sort of thing happens once every few years. It always seems to start with the day laborers along Western and then moves up and into other parts of Belltown. As usual, this particular drug ring involved people who aren't from here selling to people who also aren't from here. This is just the place where they did business. Funny thing, though, it was a fairly extensive network - 32 guys - yet there wasn't the same kind of insane "wild west" vibe around here like there was back in the bad old days of 2001. I mean, you'd think there'd be lots more twitchy, violent, drug-crazed people roaming around. I really didn't see that. Oh well, it's nice to see the cops doing their jobs every once in a while. Congrats, cops. And better luck next time, Honduran guys.

Here's the KIRO report on the operation. I like how they pretend that they're in neutral territory when in fact they're actually very close to the heart of the action. Yep, they're right here in Belltown at 3rd & Broad. The reporter on the street is standing on the corner of 1st & Cedar. Why she's there is anybody's guess. It's not exactly the jewel in Belltown's crack crown. It's just some church that used to be the Carpenter's Union Hall. Anyhow, for those still trying to orientate themselves to Belltown geography, she's standing directly across the street from this rather squat eyesore:

So once again, Belltown and crack are synonymous. By the way, what are we gonna tell the children?

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