Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

They call it "Spectrum Dance," which sounds kind of seventies. That's probably because they couldn't fit Merce Cunningham, Gus Solomon Jr. and Donald Byrd's names up there. I've never heard of Gus, but I do know that Merce just turned 90 and Donald Byrd isn't the trumpet player who gigged with Coltrane in the fifties. They're calling the show Icono-clan. Yeah, it sounds kind of retarded. They should have called it Merce-O-Mania, because that's who everybody's coming to see. I mean, wouldn't you want to witness some 90-year-old guy twirling around on stage? Oh, and I'm told that he can still rock that unitard.

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Jim said...

Yes, this should be a good show.