Monday, April 13, 2009

Action Gets Hit!

These guys are my downstairs neighbors here at 2nd & Blanchard. I have no idea when this happened. I heard nothing. I'm a really heavy sleeper, so it's no wonder. I mean, I sleep through the building's fire alarm, and that's like the loudest thing ever. Anyhow, I didn't notice it either yesterday (it was Easter, so naturally I was thinking about Jesus and his friend, the Easter Bunny) or today (I was keeping an eye on drug-people in my doorway; for more on that, see above). Gosh, I'm so observant. A broken window doesn't even register until I walk right past it.

Whether the person who did this was mad at the world or really, really needed a quality used blender (they left the vacuums alone), I can't say, but places around here get their windows broken every so often. Buildings get tagged all the time with indecipherable scrawls. Folks stagger around under my window, blind drunk at ten in the morning. That's just some of the stuff that happens. It comes with the (rather ugly) scenery and the (very convenient) location. I accept it. If I didn't, those things and the myriad of other weird stuff that go on around here would have driven me away a long time ago.

I'm sorry that the Action guys got their window broken. It hasn't happened to them for quite a while, so I guess they were due.

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