Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Sunday Squirrel

I went to Denny Park yesterday, not expecting much. I mean, there is a whole regiment of bums around the place. That seems to dampen squirrel activity. But there were two little guys out running around. This one pictured above was really quite friendly and cooperative. He kept coming back for peanuts. He was very hungry, I guess. Usually, you toss a squirrel a peanut and he runs off and buries it. But this fellow just devoured everything I gave him (some six peanuts) and came back for more. In the meantime, he stood still long enough for me to take some pretty nice, reasonably in-focus pictures of him. I'll post another next week.


Anonymous said...

Hempfest = more bums. Let us know when the squirrels start getting eaten.

Anonymous said...

Hempfest sure had no squirrels, but a surprisingly mellow crowd.

Great picture. The little guy picked a nice background for the shot. Can't wait for more of the photos you took yesterday.

With the continuing lack of squirrels at Freeway Park I really need my weekly Igor fix! Thanks!!

Jim said...

I was in Portland this weekend. All the downtown squirrels were small and very dark brown.