Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don't Call It a Block Party

It's the Founder's Day Fest! There's even a t-shirt to accompany the experience. Observe:

I had no idea this was happening until they were setting up on Saturday morning. This is a great idea. This being the inaugural year for it, the merchant presence was a little scant, but was the first University Street Fair a big deal? No, I'm certain it was not. This is just great. When was the last time they closed off 2nd Ave. for anything other than a fire or some crime-stuff? Never, I tells ya! Here is what it looked like in general:

Here's my favorite booth, the medical "pavilion:"

Oh yes, and there were bands. Many of them quite loud. The stage was at Bell Street and I could hear them very well from my apartment. I spent most of the day in Snohomish cleaning out my parents' garage, but the festivities seemed to gain steam as the day wore on. Gosh, I hope this isn't the only time it happens. There were lots of people during the nineties who tried to create a street fair-like event such as this and they all failed. This is really about the only cool community thing to happen around here all year. Let's do it again next year, OK?

And ID sez peace:

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b23 said...

Ideas and plans for next year are already coming together, Thanks for coming! check in on from time to time for news etc