Saturday, August 21, 2010

After Hours

The Moody Blues. Ride My See-Saw

OK, I'm not a huge fan of the MBs, but I really do dig this tune. It's about as rockin' as they got in the sixties. And yes, I realize they're lipsynching here, but the alternative is much worse. They weren't able to pull their stuff off live till the eighties, and by that time, they were pretty much a nostalgia act. So if you check out the version of this number live in Paris in 1970, you'll probably be disappointed. But, I mean, it's a free country. Do whatever you want. I'm not the music police. Not yet, at least. And tell me this: didn't one of those guys go on to become the Galloping Gourmet?

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Anonymous said...

This is the best selection (out of many fine ones) you have gifted to us.

Back in the late 60's I spent a few days with only one album for listening pleasure ... "In Search of the Lost Cord". One of my all time favorites, and your Ride My See-Saw was one of the cuts. See for details.